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Dwarf Het Genetic Stripe Sunfire Possible Het Albino

Dwarf Combo- Co-Dom/ Recessive. A great snake to quickly add multiple new genes to your collection.


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The Sunfire gene plays some pretty tricks on the Genetic Stripe pattern, pulling the black patterns together to create bold, winding lines that looks like they are melting off of the snake.  The dark color saturation of the Sunfire smolders on the bottom half of the snake, maiking for a beautiful Stripe morph like no other.  Sunfire being a Co-Dominate gene, these snakes are genetic powerhouses in the Dwarf retic game, quickly replicating itself with any G Stripe or het G Stripe it is bred to.  These are also 2 of 3 genes needed to make one on the most intensly contrasting Albinos we have seen- the Albino SunStripe!  These Sunfires have a deep orange and bold black from their high percentage Selayer Dwarf influence which really turns up the heat on the morph.  Sunfire Het Genetic Stripes are a great, affordable way into some really killer projects.

Dwarf Het Genetic Stripe Sunfire Possible Het Albino
Dwarf Sun 100% Het Genetic Stripe, poss het Albino
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